Hey its me, Josefine…

Nice to meet you!

I am Josefine, the face behind finegraphy. Since my childhood I have been enjoying creative work like painting, pottery and dance. But no activity has ever fascinated me as much as photography. Photography unites all of my passions: getting to know new people, exploring unknown places, and the possibility to artistically express myself in my own style. I love to be in nature, that's why 90% of my shoots are set outdoors using natural lighting. My focus is on portrait photography. Together with my sister, the designer of SoulTwin, I also specialize in fashion shoots. As a lover of adventure, I enjoy taking pictures on my travels or at festivals. If you want to know more about my recent travel destinations or photo shootings, have a look around my blog! I invite you to browse through my gallery! Feel free to send me a message; I look forward to hear from you.