Fruit Comic

So I went back to Melbourne after on month of trying to find a job in Perth. Once I arrived I immediately got to work for a marketing company as a fundraiser for a charity. This job gave me the perfect opportunity to get an insight in the sales world and I was able to fight my fears of talking to members of the public. I am a lot better in making conversations with strangers now :-). After two months I needed a break from that job, which is very competitive and I am currently focusing on my creativity again. For this photo shooting I went to beautiful Fitzroy, which is my favorite district in Melbourne to capture the special bond between Jemma Fleming and her cousin Candice Collins. They basically grew up together, due to there mothers being sisters. I hope you enjoy those images that we took in front of a cute little fashion boutique, which happens to be right in the street, where I used to live in the beginning of the year. :-) I always loved to look at this fruity colorful wall and I am very happy i finally got the chance to use it creatively.