3 Photographers shoot one Model Challenge

The Idea

You guys must know one of my favourite pass time is watching other Photographers Youtube Channels. One of my favourites happens to be of Jessica Kobeissi. For everyone who doesnt know her, she like to organize Challenges with fellow Photographers and this is exactly what inspired me to do the same.

The task was to each choose a location and outfit for our Model Joan Lee and take turns creating pictures in just 10 minutes for each of us per location.

This video was edited by Fuchsia SoulTwin:

Please vote for us! Which picture of each location do you like the most?

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And here are the Results


It was so much fun. I recommend it to everyone! Its a great way to challenge yourself as well as meeting new creative people. :-)

For more work from this day check out our Instagram profiles:

Josefine Müller:

Cassandra Raulinaitis:

Lisa Stewart:

Joan Lee:

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